Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Thankful for firends and family

I am thankful for a great many things in my life, because I know that my life is pretty dang awesome. But what I am most thankful for is all the fantastic and amazing people that I count as friends and family. Which, if you're reading this, most likely includes you. Y'all people are wonderful and I love you.

I kicked the weekend off right with the second round of Pandemic: Legacy on Wednesday night. This time we won handily, despite getting an epidemic on the second turn. We even managed to eradicate one of the diseases, which will make it easier to deal with in future games. Of course, the game also changes things so you can't cure one of the diseases normally anymore. So, um, sorry, Asia.

Thursday we had Thanksgiving with bears at Matt & Jason's. I brought roasted Brussels sprouts and fancified green bean casserole, which I felt clever about having prepped everything on Tuesday night, so all I had to do that morning was assemble and cook them. There were about 20 of us there, and there was a ton of food, and everything was great. Food highlights: brie with candied ginger; raspberry lambic; triple-creme brie with truffles; sausage stuffing; gewurtztraminer; corn dressing; chocolate cheesecake; and the pecan pie that Gene brought that was all pecans with none of the corn syrup goo that I hate. It was UH-MAZ-ING. Much socializing and hilarity and games and laughter.

Family stuff we did on Friday, heading over to Bo & Barb's for dinner with them & Grandma and two of their grandkids and my sister Mollie and her husband Jake and their new daughter Logan Jewell, who is adorable and smiles delightfully when you make silly faces at her. I roasted some broccoli and made apple-bacon coleslaw. Uncle Bo showed us his wood shop, which is a pretty fancy setup. (And of course nobody came even close to talking offensive politics the way my stupid brain was worried they would, ugh.) Anyway, it was great to see everyone and we had a lovely time.

Did some shopping on the way home and had the credit card declined, and discovered when we got home and checked that there were a bunch of fraudulent charges on it from Jacksonville, Florida. So I called up and cancelled it, and am also grateful that this is merely a minor inconvenience; we'll get new cards soon enough, the fraud protection will reverse the charges, and not having the card for a few days isn't going to be a significant hassle.

Saturday we did hardly anything other than feeding the kitties at Bob & Jeff & Douglas's. Well, I made a batch of barley beef stew, since we were home all day. And paid bills. Woo!

Today we met up with Bats & Sarah at Star Kitchen for dim sum and visiting before they head back to Massachusetts. It's now a Thanksgiving tradition, and always nice to see them. Then we bought me some new shoes for walking around at AGU with. And I did a little more work on my data visualizations.

All in all, an excellent long holiday weekend.

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