Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Apparently "busy" is becoming a common post title...

After a busy weekend I had intended to get back to the Star Wars stuff this week, but work has been super-busy with AGU happening next week and this second-order Letter of Intent that I've been roped into helping draft due then also. I'm on track to get everything done, but have not had a lot of downtime.

Friday night we had dinner with Bob & Pyro and Jason (no Matt, rough day at work) at Jewel of India, then came back to our place for a couple rounds of Exploding Kittens and a game of Seven Wonders, which we recently acquired. Yay!

Saturday was errands in the morning, then Channan's birthday in the afternoon/evening. As always, it was a fun crowd and we had a very nice time. (Also: v. tasty mead.) We ran off early, though, and went home for a bit of a disco nap before the Abney Park show at the Bluebird. Woot! It was a lot of fun. Hardly any of the music was stuff I already knew, but I enjoyed it all, which was really pleasing. Their aesthetic is kinda postapocalyptic, and the music is, let's see, industrial world music electro-swing EDM steampunk. It's good stuff!

And then Sunday we had D&D. We fought a lich! And prevented the whole city of Greyhawk from being poisoned and zombified, so that's good.

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