Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Too much!

Okay. I still have a lot to do, but I'm getting there. I made up an abstract for the talk I'm giving at Johns Hopkins in January and scrounged up some graphics and a picture and a bio of me and got that all sent off yesterday so they can, y'know, put up some posters so that people will actually come.

Today I had a just-letting-you-know-what's-going-on meeting with my great-grand-boss about this proposal thing. I have the draft of the two-page description about 80-90% done, and I just have to finish it off tomorrow and share it with everybody else to edit and polish so we can submit it by next Wednesday, right in the middle of AGU.

Oh, yes. I'm headed to San Francisco for AGU on Saturday which is... day after tomorrow?! Ahahahahahahaha. I guess mostly I just need to pack. And finish my presentation. It's mostly there; I have all my figures done, I just have to do a bit more with text before the meeting tomorrow when we'll run through it, so that should be fine.

And, of course, the new credit cards are STILL not here, which is starting to turn super-annoying. I am probably going to stop by the credit union tomorrow and grump at them about it. On the way to the big holiday party and awards ceremony that I would just as soon skip in favor of getting stuff done, but need to attend as a representative of my group in case we get the award we were nominated for.

But, y'know, it's all coming together. Todd took us out to dinner at Toluca (the little super-authentic Mexican place down at Lowell & 92nd) tonight in thanks for hosting him, and it was muy tasty. And yesterday I took grilled cheese and chutney sandwiches to the departmental potluck (hooray for googling "easy hors d'ouvres") and they all got eaten, so that was pleasing.

And now I'm just running at the mouth, so I should probably be done and hit post.

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