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Finished / Award / Travel / Brunch / Chinatown

I Finished All The Things!

I finished off my presentation and did a run-through for my group on Friday. It came in at 14 minutes (I have 15, minus a couple for questions), so that's good. I have a couple tweaks to make and a smidge of trimming to do, but basically, it's good to go. And I finished up the draft of the two-page pre-proposal thingy. It is now in other people's hands to edit and I'm done with it until we send it in on Wednesday.

And then, um, I won an award.

At the annual awards ceremony on Friday, the project I work on received the award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement. Which comes with a freakin' medal for all involved. And a check for a not-insubstantial amount of money. So that's pretty darn cool.

I flew out here to San Francisco yesterday (Saturday). It was an uneventful travel day, and once I got checked into my hotel around 3 I spent the rest of the day settling in and getting some downtime, which has been sorely lacking of late. I didn't reserve my hotel room early enough, so I'm up the hill from Market street a bit this year. My hotel room is smallish but still nice and bills itself as being very green.

Jess & Colin threw together a short-notice brunch for me this morning. We had Christy & U-Boat, Jess (Chuck), Rawhide, Julee, and Ariel there, too, plus assorted sproglings. The food was so tasty I took a picture of it, which you can see below. That's sous vide Eggs Benedict with crab. I know, right?!?

brunch 12-13-15

Anyway, had a great time catching up with everyone, hooray! The rest of the day was pretty much just more downtime and filling out my schedule for the conference. At dinnertime, I determined that there are a bunch of really good-looking restaurants near my hotel that are all closed on Sundays because they're in the Financial District before realizing that if I go through the big Dragon Gate that's right on the corner of the block my hotel is on, I'm in Chinatown, where there is food. I had a dim sum plate plus mixed veggies and got to see a lion dance performed on the street for an arriving personage of some kind on the walk back.

And now to bed, as my schedule tomorrow starts early.

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