Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Tonight I made Three Sisters soup. The "three sisters" in many amerind cultures are corn, beans, and squash, because they grow well together and are nutritionally complete.

Chopped up some butternut squash and cooked it for a while in water. Added more water when I realized that most of the water had boiled away. Decided that the squash wasn't really forming a nice golden broth, as recipe had claimed it would, so added a bunch of chicken boullion. Eventually, after it was smelling squash-y and tasty, added a frozen (now thawed) package of corn and one of green beans. Then remembered that I had half a yellow summer squash in the fridge, so I cut that up and threw it in, too.

Added lots of pepper. Cooked it for a long time -- longer than I would have if I'd remembered that I had the summer squash and added it before the beans and corn, so the beans didn't stay lovely bright green, but, well, EIT, as we say in the Old Country. Melted butter and mixed it with flour (Wondra, actually) to make a paste, then added it to the soup. Was astonished at the near-instantaneous thickening of the soup.

The soup needs salt, but is very tasty. Especially with smoked salmon crumbled into it.

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