Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!

We are visiting my mom & step-dad in Nebraska. We got on the road early this morning at 8:30, so we got here a little after 3. It's a long and mostly boring drive, but we saw an amazing skein of snow geese that filled a goodly chunk of the sky not long after we crossed the border into Kansas.

We went ahead and exchanged gifts today, since Larry will likely take off hunting tomorrow morning. I got cookware and books and suspenders and an amazing pair of earbuds that have actual bass. We had ham and mac & cheese for Christmas dinner, with pistachio pie for dessert after a game of Carcassonne. (And pumpkin pie, but I like pistachio better.)

Not a lot to report from the week. I decided after a hectic AGU to just take the entire week off work, and was glad that I did. Monday night we saw Star Wars and enjoyed it. Tuesday I drove Jerry to work after an eye appointment (since his eyes were dilated for the exam), dropped off my travel receipts at work, got the oil changed in the car, and visited my grandmother. Otherwise, a whole lot of relaxation, which I needed.

Hope the holiday season is treating everyone well. Our kitties will be mad at us when we get home tomorrow for making them go without wet food for a couple meals, but my parents go them a heated pad to sleep on, so I think they'll forgive us.

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