Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is now on Hulu, which means that last night we were able to finish off Season One. Hooray! And wow. Very wow! Like, holy cow I can't even, wow.

And then, it occurred to me: is it possible that, somehow, people that I know are not aware of the amazing awesomeness of this show? Do you maybe not all know already?!?


Steven Universe is SOOOO GOOD!

Okay. How do I explain without giving away any of the good bits. So yes, it's a cartoon, for kids, but it's also amazingly grown-up. The first episodes are episodic and goofy, and then later on it starts to get arc-y and things get deep and heavy. But not grim -- it's a very positive and humane show. And funny. It's seriously funny all the way through. And it has really interesting lore and world-building, which you get to piece together as its revealed.

But I guess that really it's all about the characters. The characters are interesting and real and complex and flawed but you end up loving all of them. Oh, and they're emotionally competent! They make mistakes and hurt one another and then they, like, apologize and handle it sensibly! They resolve their drama by talking to one another like normal human beings! If you have kids, you should absolutely get them to watch this show with you because it provides such fantastic examples of how to be a decent human being even when you screw up.

And the music! It's got great music.

Oh, and if you care about diversity and gender and sexuality and body types and representation and that sort of thing, it's got all KINDS of awesome going on on those fronts.

And it's all bite-sized 11-minute episodes, so it's not a huge commitment to watch.

And apparently it's got lots of great homage to classic anime, although to be completely honest, it's mostly references to stuff that I haven't watched, so I haven't really picked up on it all that much. That's a purely optional enjoyment factor.

And, and, it just... it makes me happy to have watched, y'know?

I guess maybe you might want to know what it's about. Steven Universe is a boy who lives with three alien space women who are actually gemstones; they all use their magic powers to protect the Earth from things like animated watermelons and an evil possessed breakfast. Steven's dad is a former rock star who runs a car wash and lives in a van on the beach. Steven cares a lot about food and his friends.

Also, eventually there is a great big pink lion named "Lion".

It is the best kind of goofy and weird.

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