Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Happy New Year!

We had so much going on the rest of the weekend that we ended up doing nothing at all for New Year's Eve proper. Just stayed home and watched some TV then went to bed before midnight.

But the rest of the time was lovely. Wednesday we introduced Matt & Jason to Korean BBQ at Dae Gee. (There was a guy at a nearby table who was so psyched to hear us talking about D&D as we were leaving that he wanted to join us. It was adorable.)

On Thursday I attempted to buy a hat. I had no luck. There's only one haberdasher in Boulder, and they only had one style of derby that was not what I wanted and overpriced. But I did figure out my hat size and came to a lot of conclusions about what I do want, so it was still pretty useful. I ran into Larry from work (now retired) in the parking lot of Alfalfa's ("where the cheese is dairy-free...") while I was grabbing a bite to eat. Then I stopped by the gym at work and got in a good double workout.

New Year's Day morning we had dim sum with a Dave V, Mitch, Sam, Jeff & Douglas, Claire & Veronica and... Amanda(?) at Star Kitchen. Then in the evening we had Craig come over and play some Sentinels of the Multiverse with us. (We played two games: we handily beat Akash'bhuta in Insula Primalis with Ra (Craig), Unity (me), and Omnitron-X (Jerry), then got stomped by Spite in Wagner Mars Base with Bunker (Craig), Nightmist (me), and Captain Cosmic (Jerry). I think we could probably have ground out a victory once Bunker & CC were down with Nightmist doing 1 net point of damage per turn, but it would have taken fifty-some turns. Still paints an evocative story, though, with the Lovecraftian mystic taking down the superpowered serial killer only after her friends are taken out of commission and therefore "safe"...)

Pyro had a bonfire Saturday night, which as always was great fun. The bonfire made really interesting melt patterns in the snow. I drank a reasonably-sized glass of port and the next morning felt this odd distress, like I was upset or dreading something, except there was no reason to feel that way, it was just this sort of uneasy feeling in my gut. So I think it was just the wine, and that my digestive tract dislikes that much in one go.

Sunday we brunched at Kachina with bears, then played D&D. We're up to 12th level as a party, and I've never played at this power level before. We freed an Efreet (hooray for "We're here to liberate you!" as a battle cry) and he gave us a wish, which we used to send ourselves and the Big Bad of the level, a half-pit-fiend, to Elysium to fight on territory that favored us. It's interesting to play at a level where tactics like that are an option. Also, the mental image of this massive battle going on in the middle of an idyllic meadow filled with flowers and butterflies was highly amusing.

Today was paying bills and back to work. The week is shaping up to be busy, but I should have plenty of fun stuff going on too.

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