Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Dear Rhinovirus: Die In A Fire

Wednesday night I stayed up until 4 am editing a paper and Thursday I caught a cold.

Despite the blatantly obvious correlation, there's probably not actually a causal relationship between these events, because kung_fu_monkey got a cold at basically the same time. And we probably both got from the same source (to wit, kissing people hello and goodbye at last weekend's various events).

I still had to go in to work on Thursday, because there was a bunch of stuff I needed to do for my upcoming trip and this proposal thing that's happening. Weirdly, despite the lack of sleep and the cold I could feel coming on, I had a really productive day. I could tell that my better judgment was offline, but that just kinda made it easier to make decisions and get shit done, because I had no fucks to give. It would have been a terrible day to write code, but it worked fine for emailing people and making hotel reservations. And I could tell that I was going to crash once I stopped moving, so I just kept doing things in order to keep my momentum up. (I'm very momentum-driven. I stayed up 'til 4 because I'd promised to have my edits done by lunchtime the next day, and around midnight I hit a point where I knew it was going to be easier to just keep going than it would be to stop and sleep and then start up again, so I just kept going.)

So Friday I went in for a half day, tried not to touch anything, and came home early. Douglas had us over for dinner with him & Bob & Jeff since he was leaving for three weeks the next day. Saturday we convalesced and felt sufficiently well and non-contagious by dinnertime to show up at Jason's birthday party for a little while. Ditto today for Bob & Mike's anniversary dinner.

Other than that, not a lot of interest. I have a huge stack of new books to read but instead I've been comfort re-reading some of the Sector General novels by James White.

Really hoping I don't develop post-cold laryngitis on Thursday...

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