Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Good stuff and bad but no complaints

So after getting back from Baltimore/DC, I promptly got strep throat. Le sigh.

On Monday evening, Jerry and I went over to the Gamaches' for homemade pho and a game of Ticket To Ride, and that night I noticed that my throat was sore. Jerry looked and my tonsils were all swollen up, and by the next morning, I knew it was strep. I went in to the doctor right away, was on antibiotics by lunchtime, and stayed home so as not to share it with anybody at work. Astonishingly, I managed to avoid passing it on to Jerry! Yay for sleeping in the guest bedroom, I guess.

So there was a lot of working from home. I had dinner with bears at a German place (Golden Europe, over on Wadsworth & 66th) for Bob R's birthday on Thursday. (Monkey had to work late.) And then on Friday night, Dave V. came over and made us watch Showgirls! Which is just a trainwreck and totally deserving of its awful reputation. It's fun to watch if you go in expecting it to be bad. One of its major failings is that it thinks the audience will sympathize with the protagonist, when in fact she is The Worst and is continually having inexplicable (and angry) reactions to things. Did I mention the anger? There is a lot of anger in the movie. Angry flailing. Angry dancing. Angry sex which is deeply un-erotic. And angry flailing un-erotic sexy dancing. Soooo bad.

Work has been mostly meetings and proposals and catching up with email. I am also trying to do a data processing thing as quickly as possible and having it go wrong eight ways from Sunday. But today things got back on track, and after the proposals I should have a good stretch of coding and technical stuff coming up, which will be nice.

Oh, and also Facebook booted me off and complained about my name again last Wednesday, but happily that all got sorted out by the end of the week. Which is tedious, but hopefully the sticky bit has now been properly set and that'll be the last of it. (I find it easy to be forgiving about it as long as it's no longer ongoing.)

So lately it's been about 50-50 good stuff and bad stuff, but the bad stuff has all resolved pretty well. No complaints from me.

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