Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Not Much

I haven't posted in a while and mostly it's because not much noteworthy is going on and I haven't had enough spare brain to post about things other than What I Done Lately. Partly work has been communication-heavy and partly I wrote a whole lotta text for my Star Wars game. (Instead of lecturing at my players about ancient galactic history backstory for two hours, I did handouts for a little guest-character roleplaying session to figure out how the proto-Sith took down the Infinite Empire 25,000 years ago. It worked well!)

Last Thursday I planned to work from home, but I ended up just taking the day off. I also went and got a haircut and visited Grandma. She's slowing down a little, but still chugging along.

Today I actually did work from home because I didn't want to deal with driving home through the forecasted snow. I might telecommute tomorrow, too, especially since our filesystems are offline. We'll see what the roads are like in the morning.

We've started watching season 2 of Galavant. Kylie Minogue's guest number made me cackle:

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