Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Odds and Ends

Colin posted a link to Advent of Code ( last night, which has a bunch of little programming challenges, and I stayed up too late after getting sucked into it. I'm doing them in R, and trying to come up with very functional-programming solutions. So far I've done 9, and (ignoring blank lines and lines with just a close-bracket) I'm averaging less than a dozen lines of code per program. Which is pretty satisfying.

We went to a birthday dinner for Van (pink_halen) at White Fence Farm on Saturday. It's Midwestern / farm / Americana / down-home food (what's the proper name for that cuisine?), mostly fried chicken. It was tasty, though it was a fair wait for our table to be ready. On Sunday, we went to Bob & Pyro's for Game Day: about half the people there watched the Superbowl, and about half the people played board games. I didn't pay much attention to the Superb Owl, but I'm vicariously happy for all the folks (like my step-dad) who were rooting for the Broncos, and also for Gene, who won $100 in his office betting pool. :)

Lots of proposal-writing at work. I was planning on writing up the zeroth-order draft of the one-pager for solicitation A yesterday and editing down our resubmitted collaborative proposal B today, but then that got swapped around and it kinda threw me off my groove. And for the big super-collaborative multi-disciplinary multi-organizational multi-everything proposals, the people actually leading them aren't getting back to me. But whatever; the money is being spread so thin on those (especially in comparison to some of the others that have gained momentum) that I honestly wouldn't really mind if they decided they don't have room in the budget for us. They're kinda dropping below the threshold of worthwhile effort...

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