Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Cats & Dogs

My parents are staying with us last night and tonight while in town for a funeral, so the cats have been hiding in our bedroom because my parents bring with them HORRIBLE MONSTERS! that take over the living room while they're here, to wit, two small dogs. (Missy, who is half-terrier half-chihuaha, and Squirt, Missy's daughter, who is 3/4-chihuahua.) Squirt barks a fair bit when she gets excited but is harmless (so long as you stay away from her food) and more interested in squirmy cuddles than anything, while the most noise that Missy makes is when she's snoring. (She is v. old.)

Nico is a big ol' scaredy-cat, and mostly just lurks in the bedroom, poofing his tail when he catches sight of them. Mimsabel came down this evening and was watching the dogs up close (with deep suspicion) for a little while this evening, but then decided it was better to keep tabs on them from under the couch.

I tried to explain to the cats that the dogs are fine and that they'll be leaving tomorrow, but alas, that requires words, which kitties do not have.

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