Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Leap Day / Sleep Day

Today is a leap day! My main feeling about leap days is one of dislike, because they make dealing with the seasonal cycle in real-world data a big pain. You have to account for them, because if you ignore them, it actually doesn't take very long for things to get out of sync by enough to make a difference, but properly adjusting the year length is difficult and finicky and throwing out the data is inelegant and threatens to introduce discontinuities.

If it were up to Dr. Tectonic, we would regularize the length of the year by strapping giant rockets to the equator and slowing down the planet's rotation until we had a nice integer ratio between the day and the year. This would resolve a lot of problems.

I have not a whole lot else to report, in part because over the weekend, the two of us either caught or fought off something that didn't have a whole lot of symptoms other than general achiness and absolutely zero energy. It dragged Jerry off to bed most of Saturday (causing him to miss Gene's birthday get-together) and ate my entire gumption reserve on Sunday. I'm feeling generally okay today, but I got in to work pretty late (after losing a couple hours of sleep to a middle-of-the-night headache), and left early when I hit a productivity wall in the afternoon.

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