Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Birthday Escape

'Twas kung_fu_monkey's 40th today, so we had many birthday doings this weekend.

The big thing was that we did two escape rooms, and beat them both! He'd previously done a couple with Kate, and getting grouped with random strangers doesn't work so well. So I bought a full block of tickets for The Missing Scientist parts I & II at Enigma Escape Rooms up in Boulder, and we recruited a bunch of our friends who all know each other (Kate, Mel, Sarah, Karen & Thomas, Chris (Saturday), and Neal (Sunday)) to join us. And it was great!

If you don't know, the escape room thing is that they take your group of usually 8 people and lock you in a room, and you have an hour to solve a bunch of puzzles that will let you unlock the door and escape. We did the first one on Saturday afternoon and escaped with 12 minutes to spare. Woot! I won't give any particulars, since somebody reading this might want to go do that same one, but the three big things that it made clear are that one, it's important to trust your teammates, two, that having people who think differently from one another is really helpful, and three, that you shouldn't dwell too much on clues that make no sense. If it's obviously a clue but you can't figure out what to do with it, that probably means that you don't have the rest of the puzzle yet. We did the second one on Sunday afternoon, and we actually were on track to have a new record time by six minutes until we got stuck for a while on the very last step. But we still got out, and it was still a lot of fun. Yay!

Other stuff: after escaping on Saturday, we all wandered down Pearl Street to Pizzeria Locale and had a tasty dinner. Afterwards on Sunday we just took a stroll along the Pearl Street Mall for a bit. Oh, and stopped in the Montbell store to find out why the had the same bear in a vest that Jerry and I saw in Switzerland. (Because he's the store mascot, and we saw him outside another Montbell store.)

Saturday night Jerry and I went over to Karen & Thomas's and played a game of Imperial Assault, which is the Star Wars version of Descent, with Thomas & Jeff & Karen's library friend Amy's husband Jason. Won the tutorial scenario because the dice hated Thomas, lost the first scenario because we were too hesitant about taking fire. We'll likely play some more some point (what with our copious free time these days...)

Sunday morning we met David V at the Denver Art Museum for the samurai exhibit, which was very cool. Lots of crazy helmets. Some of them I wondered whose idea it was, the guy who made the helmet ("Okay, hear me out, I'm thinking: antlers.") or the guy who wore the helmet ("Dude, I want you to make me a helmet with one of those flower things and make it spin. I want a spinny flower!") Also I was put in mind of of this Kate Beaton comic.

Thursday night we had Stu over for dinner, which was lovely and delightful and something we'd been meaning to do for a long time. I made Bacon Chicken Chowder in the crockpot because I was able to do almost all the work the night before. Happily, it turned out well.

Today we both took the day off and took the cats in to the vet to get chipped and updated on their vaccinations. Also we got the headlights on the Jetta polished, and it's kind of amazing how much of a difference it makes. Went out to Sushi Yume for birthday dinner.

So yeah, an excellent weekend. (And now I get to write proposals all week long...)

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