Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Tired, Stuff, Zootopia

How is it 10 pm already? Oh, right, the switch to daylight savings time. I disapprove.
(DST itself is not so bad, but the switch is awful.)

As I groused about already, last week was all meetings and proposal writing. It was very wearing; partly because I was juggling three different things, and partly I think because it was all communicating with people stuff so I didn't get enough introvert time? Of course, today I did a bunch of communication things and don't feel all worn out. Maybe it's more the two early morning meetings I had. Or maybe I was fighting something off; I left work early one day and took a two hour nap as soon as I got home and then felt a lot better...

Garrett and his new beau Drew came by NCAR for lunch and a little bit of an informal tour on Wednesday. It was a nice break in the day seeing them.

Thursday was Games Night at Chris's, and I was good and only stayed for one round of Dominion because of one of the aforementioned early meetings the next day. We played the new Adventures expansion, which has some really interesting stuff in it.

Saturday was supposed to be Star Wars, but Neal was sick, so the rest of us played Imperial Assault (the Star Wars version of Descent) at Thomas's house instead. I managed to fit in a visit to Grandma on the way over. Grocery shopping took longer than I expected, so it was an abbreviated visit, but it had been a while since I last saw her and I figured a short visit was better than nothing.

And then yesterday we had DnD. After we got home I felt restless and wanted to go do something, so I went to the cinema and saw Zootopia, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Not the best thing ever, but solidly entertaining, and with a good moral to it. Worth a watch.

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