Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Software Engineering Conference

Okay, so. Week before last was the three-day workshop with proposal-writing at the same time. Last week was a five-day conference with proposal writing, although not nearly as much of it, thankfully. (I was a co-PI on the previous one, so I was responsible for vast swathes of it, whereas for this one I only get to contribute to a couple sections.) There were a couple days where I got to spend the whole lunch break on a conference call discussing the proposal, but enh, could be worse. I just reserved the board room for a one-person meeting and took my lunch up there.

I gave the half hour version of my Big Data talk on Monday morning and it was received quite favorably. And then Thursday morning I gave a half-day tutorial on the data set I curate, and also got positive feedback, although my audience was only about 9 people. The rest of the time I spent learning about a lot of cool systems, the details of which have already fled my brain, but fortunately I wrote it all down. Friday afternoon I got to play around with some Jupyter notebooks, which are super-nifty. And then I hung out with Mattie S. (who was helping out with the Jupyter tutorial) and his co-workers at the Boulder Brewery for a while, which was nice.

Overall, it was very good, although with the getting in to work much earlier than normal plus last minute prep plus multi-tasking proposal stuff on top of the conference I was REALLY FREAKING TIRED by the end of it. But now that I'm done with all of it I finally get my brain back, hooray!

...Just as soon as I finish the proposal editing stuff I'm working on tonight. *sigh*

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