Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Well, it took a while to get there, but it looks like this storm may drop the predicted most-of-a-foot after all. We just got in from knocking snow off some of the trees in our neighborhood in (possibly vain) hope of keeping them all from breaking under the weight. Already too late for a number of big branches on some of the crabapples in the yardway outside our house. :(

Work is finally promising to get back to normal. Very little in the way of working in the evenings this last week. I haven't caught up on my comp time, but at least I'm no longer building it up. We had to take Miss Mimsabel into the vet yesterday to get her ears checked (now mite-free, hooray!) and her teeth cleaned. (All went well, but dang is that expensive.) I was planning on taking half the day off, but I ended up mostly working from home because somebody needed to draft a Software Productivity and Sustainability Plan for the DOE, and I at least know some relevant jargon. Oh, also I did my taxes. Well, federal. Still have to do my state taxes.

Jerry bought my a new dishwasher for our anniversary and today we got it delivered and installed. It's a very nice Bosch, and it's so quiet it's hard to tell it's running. Also, it's not covered with a half-inch of lime scale on the inside and the springs all still work. So that's a bit of a step up.

Jason & Matt had a number of folks over this evening and cooked us amazingly good German food, and now I'm very full and starting to warm back up after being snow-covered from the tree-shaking, so I think soon it will be bed time.

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