Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Birthday weekend

Saturday was my birthday! I celebrated with an enjoyably low-key weekend.

I took Friday off, because after spending all day Wednesday editing the DOE proposal, my timecard was all full by 4 pm on Thursday. I had plans to be ambitious with various errands, but instead I just played games on my laptop and didn't manage to put on clothes and go to the grocery story until 4 pm. We had back-in-town-for-just-two-weeks Douglas over for dinner and some socializing, and that was about it for that day.

Saturday morning we had dim sum at Star Kitchen with Bob (since shellfish-allergic Pyro is out of town) and a half-dozen other bears. Thought about doing other stuff, but didn't. Fielded a great many birthday wishes on Facebook, which made me feel loved and appreciated. In lieu of a birthday cake, I went to the bakery at H-Mart and got a few of their buns. They make these amazing sweet buns/rolls/breads that are filled with super buttery mildly sweet frosting in a bunch of different flavors, and I apologize to everybody whose future addictions I have just induced, but they are SO GOOD.

Sunday I mostly did Star Wars prep stuff while Monkey did a bunch of house cleaning because he is awesome. I took some early dinner to Grandma (takeout from Panera Bread), and then at 7 had Tom and Jeff and Bryan over to play Dominion. (Monkey got me the Prosperity expansion for my birthday. Woots!) We actually got in 4 games, which was pretty neat.

Not a lot of big celebration, but good after, what, five or six weeks of work being stupid busy? Yeah, something like that.

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