Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Hello, East Bay, I am in you!

Well, sort of. I have an all-day meeting about Big Data tomorrow at Berkeley, so I flew into Oakland today. But because Berkeley's graduation is on Saturday, all the hotels over there are stupid expensive this week, so I'm actually staying at a hotel in SF, right near Powell Street station, and will be BARTing over in the morning. Plans are to meet up with U-Boat & Christy on Friday after I check out of the hotel and hang out with them and Clan Liotta and company Friday & Saturday, then visit Perlick with Spider on Sunday before I head home. So mostly this trip will be spent over on that side.

Uneventful travel today. After an early dinner because my stomach is still on Colorado time, I met up with Marc Horowitz this evening to buy him a drink for helping me reclaim my proper name (Beemer) on Facebook. We reminisced about MIT and chatted about various geeky things, and it was nice to finally meet up in person.

The weather out here is much nicer this time of year than it is in December. Which... is true most places, I suppose.

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