Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Berkeley weekend

I left work grumpy today because of IT issues. We were all supposed to upgrade to El Capitan by today, so I scrambled a little to get things dealt with and out of the way to do that, but when I started up the appropriate app and clicked the "upgrade" button, all it would do is reboot my computer. So I submitted a helpdesk ticket , and then... crickets. Usually the support folks are much better about getting back to you quickly, so I'm sure it's because there are many things going on elsewhere, but it was nevertheless aggravating. Happily, I am feeling much better after Monkey & I got tasty Indian for dinner with Matt & Jason and Brandon at Jewel of India.

The meeting in Berkeley went well. I managed to behave like a sensible person and actually have a couple pages of notes with names and relevant details on them so that I will be able to tell other people about specific things rather than just saying "I learned... stuff... about... things" when I tell them about the meeting. So I successfully liaised on behalf of my organization and am feeling competent about it. Le woot.

Friday night Seppo & Ei-Nyung and their kids came over for takeout Thai, which was nice, because it's been a while since I'd seen them. Then we spent a big chunk of Saturday cooking in Christy & U-Boat's amazing new kitchen making dinner for Colin & Jess and their kids. I roasted a mountain of broccoli and made a bunch of Hollandaise sauce to go with it, and Christy made smashed burgers and stone fruit crumbles. Sunday morning Spider drove me down to Sunnyvale and we visited with Perlick, who is recovering well from his bike crash. After much excellent catching up on the drive, she dropped me off at the airport and I flew home to my schweetie and our kitties, hooray!

Also, I got to make a Lego spaceship with the kids and read a bunch of Captain Marvel comics, so all in all, an excellent weekend.

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