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Saturday we did something really different: we went to a perfumer.

A little while back, Sarah gave us gift certificates to Essense Studio, which is a little shop up on the north end of Boulder that sells perfume. It's run by a lady named Dawn, who is a master perfumer and some kind of olfactory savant.

It's a little tiny shop, and there was a group of three other customers there talking to Dawn, but we'd already decided that this visit wasn't about buying anything, it was about exploration, figuring that our noses would be too worn-out to make any decisions by the time we were done. So we just spent a while sniffing different perfumes while the others finished up. This was really interesting, because there were a whole lot of "wow, I don't think I've ever smelled something like that before" experiences. We both found lots of things that we liked the smell of (though wouldn't necessarily want to wear), plus a number that we didn't.

Anyway, after we had Dawn to ourselves, we told her that we had gift certificates and that we didn't know anything about perfume and don't pay much attention to scent and didn't have any vocabulary for talking about it, and that we wanted to learn all about it and educate our noses before we tried to pick something.

And we learned so many things! She talked to us for like an hour and explained all kinds of really interesting stuff about the volatility of the notes that make up perfumes and categories of scents and the different effects that people go for (a decent fraction of what she makes are sort of hybrid perfume / aromatherapy mixes) and it was such novel territory to explore that we both found it just fascinating. And it's such a joy to have somebody with deep expertise like that share it with you. (She clearly was very enthused to have an attentive audience.)

We also found out that I have "green" skin, which is why I can't wear most popular men's colognes. But there was a sandalwood-based mix that works really well on me, and I think I will definitely get some of it when we go back. We're also planning on doing a dual consultation to see if she can figure out something that will work for both of us.

Other nice things this weekend: dinner at Dae Gee with Bob & Jeff on Friday night. We saw Neal & Rhonda there, so on Monday we picked up some kimchi and gimbap from H-Mart to bring to Rhonda's birthday barbecue. Got to see several friends that we don't see often and socialize for a good long while. And we got a lot of downtime on Sunday. An excellent 3-day weekend!

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