Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Thinking how to sum up the last few days, and I guess it's good social, lousy physical.

I dropped by Timothy's Friday night for an impromptu get-together, and had a good time, staying much later than I expected. Then Saturday, Jerry & I had lunch at Domo with Rich & Chuck (G+ friends of his visiting town), followed by a trip to the Butterfly Pavillion.

But then Sunday morning I had to bow out of brunch with bears, because something I ate was seriously disagreeing with me, and I felt terrible. (Naturally, I started feeling better not long after the appointed time. Le sigh.) But we did a lot of house cleaning with the rest of the day, and that seemed to be the right treatment to clear up my lingering malaise.

Then I slept funny and got a terrible knotted muscle in my back / shoulder. Jerry worked on it and it's been a lot better today, but it's still not quite gone. But I still managed to visit Grandma yesterday evening. Uncle Dave was there, and we had dinner and a nice visit. He was pretty enthused to hear we're planning to get married. And we've told enough people that I guess we're committed now!

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