Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Off to Idaho

Tomorrow I am off to Idaho! My stepmother and all her siblings (and all their kids, and all their kids, which is a lot, because they're all mormons) are having a big reunion up in Idaho. I have a two-leg flight to Pocatello via a 2-hour layover in SLC, and then I get get to drive for 2.5 hours to get to the small town where the reunion is happening. Wheeeeeeee. I'm sure it'll be very picture-squee, and it'll be nice to visit with all my siblings, but I sure wouldn't mind if there were less traveling involved.

I did discover that I can fit all but one of my Dominion sets into a single box to bring along (at my sister's request). And that I can fit that box, my APAP, and four days' worth of clothing into a carryon-sized bag, thereby minimizing the chances of it getting lost in transit.

We had a lot of plans for this weekend, but they mostly fell through. Jerry caught a cold on Friday, and was out of commission in a healing coma most of the day on Saturday. He sent me off to Floyd's birthday barbecue without him (thereby minimizing my exposure to his germs, which was considerate of him). I grilled a couple eggplants and made an eggplant-tahini salad out of them, which was tasty, and had a good time socializing all evening and playing boardgames (two round of Between Two Cities and one of 7 Wonders) into the night. Sunday we had planned to do various Pride things, but what with it being beastly hot outside and himself still convalescing, we decided discretion was the better part of valor and just stayed home near the A/C. Probably just as well. I prepped dinner to take to the Floyds last night, since Rose is recovering from hip surgery. Tonight I did some packing and zipped over to say hello to Chris & Todd (and Missy Claws!) on their way through town as they move cross-country.

So yeah. Work has been a little unsatisfying of late; too many meetings and small, interrupt-y tasks with deadlines and upcoming travel to dive in and focus on the big projects on my to-do list. I'm hoping that once I get back I'll have the space to make progress on big stuff again.

I've been re-reading H. Beam Piper's Fuzzy books as an antidote to news about current affairs. It's interesting the degree to which the politics in them focuses on people rather than institutions. And except for a handful of villains, the people are generally good and decent, even when they disagree, which makes them very satisfying comfort reading.

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