Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Downtime & Lack Thereof

So apparently downtime is mandatory now. After four days in a row of social things, on Monday I stayed home all day with a headache. It wasn't terrible, just one of those headaches that makes you totally incapable of focused thought. But I felt much better come Tuesday morning.

So what-all was I doing? Thursday night we had houseguests: Wiggles (a TEP from a couple generations after me) and his wife Hannah & their daughter Lumen were coming to Denver for a wedding and needed a place to stay just for Friday night, so we offered them our guest room. They were lovely folks. Got to see the 3-D display tech he's been working on and order in tasty Indian from Jewel.

Friday night we had Douglas over for a visit; he introduced us to Maria Bamford's TV show Lady Dynamite, which is pretty funny. On Saturday morning I had a half-day retreat for the Inclusivity Board (learned interesting things about refugees in Colorado), and then that night I ran Star Wars. And then on Sunday morning we met bears for brunch at Root Down. It was supposed to be in honor of Jeff Lammer's birthday, but he wasn't actually able to make it because his work schedule got switched around. Eit!

I had another Inclusivity Board meeting tonight, and last night we had Sarah over for a visit (great to catch up with her; it's been a while), and tomorrow night is games night, so I guess I better not plan anything for Friday!

I think the other thing worth mentioning is that I read Death by Silver over the weekend. It's a gaslamp fantasy gay romance murder mystery by Melissa Scott & Amy Griswold, and I enjoyed it very much. The pacing is very good.

Okay! I wrote my blog post. Now I just need to find time and energy to write the five other things I need to get written...

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