Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Visiting Grandma

The supercomputers are down, so I've spent all day yesterday and today reviewing papers that I'm coauthoring, and my words are mostly used up.

For once, we had nothing scheduled this weekend. On Saturday I got a haircut and beard trim and took a long nap and had a very nice visit with my grandmother; we chatted and I helped her sort through photos. On Sunday I had plans to do lots of productive things, but that was derailed because late in the morning I got a call from my aunt and uncle asking if I would be around to assist because Grandma was in the hospital after a fall and they were off near Grand Junction.

Happily, Grandma is fine. She didn't injure anything, and it happened when her friend Winnie was picking her up to take her to church. Mostly she just fell down on the floor and neither of them could get her back to her feet, and then after a while she was low on oxygen because she was without her cannula. So eventually they ended up calling 911 and having her taken to the hospital to recover. Jerry and I went to visit her in the hospital that evening (they kept her overnight for observation) and she was feeling just fine. (Especially once she had some dinner, since they don't feed you in the ER and she hadn't had anything to eat since early breakfast.)

So it turned out not to be a big deal, but it was pretty stressful while everything was still uncertain and I was just waiting to hear what was going on.

I also unsuccessfully attempted to get the battery on the Jetta changed that afternoon, which involved going to two different megastores and waiting around for more than an hour until they could tell me that the retainer strap was rusted in place and they couldn't get it off. So I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow morning.

Kind of a bust as weekends go, but I did fit enough downtime into it that I'm not starting off the week feeling exhausted despite all that, so I suppose it'll do.

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