Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


I saw Garbage at the Fillmore on Thursday night with Pyro (for his birthday), Craig F., Jeff L. and Rod V. It was a good show; I enjoyed it.

They played music from lots of different albums, not just big hits. There were plenty of songs I didn't recognize, many of which I still found groovy. And we got the first-ever live performance of "Magnetized" off their new album during the encore, so that was cool. The bass was mixed super-heavy, and there were all kinds of crazy infrasonic vibrations going on, but that was cool; it's one of those live-performance things you don't get just listening to streaming audio off the internet. The venue wasn't super-crowded; we stood in front of the audio engineers and had a decent amount of space. Oh, and there was a guy standing a row or two in front of us with this amazing hairdo, where his hair was curled up and forward into a perfect loop on top of his head that was dyed pink on one side. With curly mustaches, too! It was a very band-appropriate look.

Before the show we had dinner at b.d's Mongolian Grill, which was tasty and, more excitingly, easy to make no-carb. Eating out is kind of a pain while I'm on this ketogenic diet, so it's always nice to identify new options.

And since I was gonna be down that way anyway, I knocked off working from home early that afternoon and met with Thomas and one of his colleagues to discuss some data analysis I'm gonna do for them. It's nice having transferable skills. :)

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