Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Time, Tomatoes, Concert

I feel like it's been about two days since my last post, but apparently it's been an entire week already. Mostly just Doing lots of Things, both for work and for personal, so not much interesting. Like, checking the roof for hail damage (from a storm last spring that the HOA is going to file a claim about), and remembering to replace the furnace filter before it gets cold (two trips to Lowes, since I grabbed the wrong size the first time), and shopping for pants (found some acceptable cargo pants at JC Penny, finally).

I had a whole bunch of things on my To-Do list at the beginning of the week that I wanted to get accomplished before the workshop that started today, but then I had to spend Monday & Tuesday updating the website for the new data archive and Wednesday we had interviews for a new student assistant, so there's been a lot of fitting things into cracks, which somehow makes it feel like about an hour has passed between when I get to work and when I head home.

My Mom & Larry are in town for a week looking after my niece, and Monday night they stopped by our house to drop off a whole bunch of tomatoes and a flat of old ('50s & '60s) sci-fi magazines, so that was pretty cool. Garden-ripe tomatoes, sooo good! I have been eating a LOT of them.

I went to 1/3 of a concert tonight. Sabaton played second at Summit Music Hall, after Huntress and before Trivium, neither of whom I was interested in. I almost skipped it because I was tired, but I had a little bit of a lie-down after I got home, which regained me enough mana to go. And I'm glad I did; everything worked out really well. First, I found $2 street parking only a block and a half away. Then, when I got to the box office and discovered that it was cash-only, and that I had forgotten to get extra cash as I had planned, I asked the ticket-taker where the nearest ATM was and was about to head off when a guy standing nearby asked me how much cash I had on me, and sold me his extra ticket for the $9 I did have. I found a decent spot to stand on the right-hand stairs; it was behind other folks, but a bunch of them were short and I had a good angle. Sabaton came on all of five minutes after I got there and played for a bit over an hour, which is pretty long, considering they were only support, not headlining. I liked the new stuff they played, there were several good sing-along songs, and everyone got a good calf workout pogoing along to Audie Murphy and Primo Victoria. The audience was loud and enthusiastic; Denver is apparently is one of their better North American stops, fanbase-wise. And when it was all over, the merch tables were right at the bottom of the stairs, so I only had to stand in line for a couple minutes to buy their new album. I got home slightly over two hours after I left.

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