Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Eyelid cobblestones and science says no

I'm working from home so that I can go see Star Trek this afternoon before it leaves the theaters. That also let me make an appointment to see the eye doctor, because my contacts have been bugging me. On Friday, it felt like I had a speck in my eye that wouldn't go away, so I took my lenses out and left them out all weekend. Wore them without trouble on Monday (well, for half a day, since I spent the morning in bed with a sinus headache), but then yesterday afternoon my eye started to kind of ache.

Happily, doctors says it looks like just allergies. I have "cobblestones" under my eyelids. The solution is just infrequent wear while it clears up, being diligent about using enzyme on them, and to steal some of Monkey's allergy pills when my eyes are bugging me. *whew*!

Not a lot else going on. We had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes on Friday night with my mom & Larry, my niece Leah, my step-sister Leslie & her two kids, Tyler and Layne, and an old friend of the family, Lynn Christensen, & his wife.

I spent all day Sunday at a retreat for the Inclusivity Board. It was tiring but productive. One key thing we figured out is that we don't have to come up with a plan to Solve All The Problems; we just have to look for things that the city is already going to be dealing with in the next two years where inclusivity is a factor worth considering, and make some specific recommendations about those issues. Which is waaaay more manageable.

Oh, and I finished off a little bit of statistical analysis consulting I did for a friend's law firm this week. I got to do some Bayesian modeling of binary outcome data. The answer didn't turn out to be quite what they were hoping, but that's science for ya. Sometimes the answer is no.

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