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Star Trek Beyond, Marianne, Doom Patrol, Stuff

So let's see, since last week:

I went and saw Star Trek: Beyond and enjoyed it. Best thing ever? No, but definitely solid. It sort of cracks the hermetic seal of total disconnection from modern pop culture, and I expect that rubs some fans the wrong way, but I didn't mind. And it's amazing how good all the new actors are at channeling the original actors rather than imitating or caricaturing them.

I finally drove down to Parker on Saturday to visit my step-mother while she was in town. She was here watching Joel's & Coryn's kids while they took their first vacation in years - a trip to Jamaica. I brought a bag of games, which the nephews love, and played some games with them and caught up on family news and suchlike with her.

We ended our D&D hiatus on Sunday and finished off the second tower/dungeon in the campaign. We'll probably finish the campaign in a few months and are likely to hit 20th level by the end of it, so that'll be fairly epic.

Jerry got the first two books of Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol, and we both spent a good chunk of the last week reading them. (Third book is on order.) I read some of them back in college, when somebody (Bats, I think) was collecting them as they came out. They're really good. Tremendously bizarre, of course, but one of the big things that I like is that there's none of that '90s grim-n-gritty™ tone. I mean, traumatic and disturbing things happen all over the place, and the heroes fail as often as they succeed, but it's still an entertaining story, not a slog through cynical angst. (I ordered a bunch of good stuff from Amazon, too, but I haven't had a chance to read any of it. I've just been listening to the new CHVRCHES album, which is excellent.)

Douglas came over for dinner & socialization on Tuesday evening. It has cooled off considerably and today it rained, though the forecast says it'll be back into the high '70s next week. Work stuff, lots of ticking of items on my far too many TO-DO lists. Dumped a decent amount of effort into a couple philosophical/political discussion threads on FB & eit; I sort of thought about copying some bits here, but then I remembered how quickly I run out of patience for such topics and lose the will to engage with them. Online, at least; in person it's much easier to keep things moving at an interest-sustaining pace.

I think that's about it. Y'know. Stuff. As usual.

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