Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Zoom zoom

I'm off to Boston* tomorrow, so here's some stuffy that's happened recently before I forget it. Because life has been busy.

*Well, flying to Boston, then driving to Amherst for a 2-day meeting, but then back to Boston, where I will be through the weekend. With the Monkey. Yay!

We voted! I dropped our ballots in the box last Tuesday, which means I have given myself permission to completely disengage form the election until it's done. I feel much better now.

We went and saw Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children with Douglas. I went in knowing nothing and quite enjoyed it. I've heard a number of people who've read the book say there were changes they disliked, but it works well on its own. Eva Green is a wonderful actress and needs to be in more things. I paid Grandma a visit afterwards.

We went to birthday dinner for Rose, and afterwards the group of us were wandering in search of a coffee shop or the like. Jerry and Rose were talking about perfume (scented beard oil vs her perfume) when a mildly drunk fellow from the bar we were passing latched onto our group and said "can I smell too?" Like, kinda sorta hitting on Rose a little bit, but mostly just being friendly drunk. So Jerry offered him up his beard to sniff. Which was not really what he was hoping for, but we egged him on a little, so he did. His reaction? "Oh my god, that smells really good!" So yay for scented beard oil :)

The other big event was on Friday night, when we met up downtown with Chris N. (shirtlifterbear), who is in town for a conference. He still needed dinner, so (after an aborted attempt to find good Mexican late, sabotaged by a deceptive Yelp listing for a place that doesn't exist yet) we hung out for quite a while at one of those restaurants with eighty bajillion beers on tap. And then we went back to the hotel and hung out more, and ended up staying up much later than we should have. He is a charming fellow and an excellent storyteller, full of verve and elan, and we had a lovely and delightful time meeting him. Yay for meeting long-time internet friends in person!

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