Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Yeah, Stuff

I'm off to AGU today! The last week and a half has been mostly just getting ready, which is to say, putting together my poster.

I had our annual (-ish) mentoring & appreciation dinner with my boss on Tuesday. We went to Brasserie 1010, because it actually had one of the more low-carb friendly menus in town. I had bouillabaisse, which I remember studying as a spelling bee word when I was in 6th grade, but which I had never eaten before.

A snowstorm (about 3" here in Westminster) had started that evening, and on the way to the restaurant, I hit an icy patch turning from Broadway onto Canyon and slid into the curb. It dented the right front rim on the minivan pretty severely. On Wednesday I had been planning to work from home anyway, because a) I was just putting together my poster, which I do on my laptop, which I can work on just as comfortably from the couch at home as my desk at work, b) that way I could avoid a commute in gross traffic conditions, and c) I had a meeting at City Hall that morning to talk to provide Inclusivity Board input to a feasibility study for a new civic / cultural facility where the mall used to be. But that worked out well with needing to find a place that could sell me a new wheel, too. Also, I got a haircut.

Last Saturday we had Van & Ron's holiday party, and then Star Wars at Jeff & Alice's. Alas, Monkey caught the headache-and-fatigue cold, and had to stay home in a healing coma. Things went well otherwise, though. (Although Jeff and Neal did realize that I had based the NPC family of dysfunctional Aqualish royalty in exile on the Bluth family from Arrested Development. Noooo! Don't look behind the curtain! *shakefist* But they had fun nevertheless, so it's all good.)

What else? Um... Douglas is back in town and came over for a visit Friday night. I've been reading a lot of books lately. It was really cold after the snowstorm, but has warmed back up.

Yeah, stuff.

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