Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

AGU Day 0

Uneventful travel getting here. It pays to check how long the different security lines are at the airport: the maze at the west end of the main concourse at DIA was completely full, the one at the east end was half full, and if you walked over the bridge to Terminal A, the lines were about six people long.

I jumped on hotel reservations this year, so I'm staying at the Intercontinental, which abuts Moscone West. Woot! Having the option to go back to my room if I need to (or just want to lie down and relax for half an hour during slow periods) makes for a much less stressful conference.

Got my exercise in walking a mile uphill to meet Jofish en famille at Hopwater Distribution for dinner. Lovely! Had him drop me off at the Metreon Target afterwards so I could stock up on supplies.

I have come to realize that I am much happier when I don't have to make myself presentable to the world before I can eat breakfast, so (especially on long trips) I now fill up the tiny bit of unused space in the hotel room mini-fridge with foodstuffs. This is going to be doubly important this trip, since sticking to low-carb/high-fat is hard when eating out all the time. Now available for breakfast in my hotel room: brie, salami, mini sausages, heavy cream, 88% dark chocolate, and (thanks to the Korean place in the Metreon) kimchi.

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