Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

AGU Day 3 & 4

Wednesday and Thursday were my significantly-less-jam-packed days, but I am still wiped out. Fewer Informatics talks on Wednesday, more Global Change sessions. Saw a couple talks that detailed interesting and sophisticated ways to do things that I don't think are particularly worth doing. Today was back to Informatics and talks about complicated provenance things that would totally be great to have, except that they would involve insane amounts of added work and are never gonna happen unless there's a whole lotta automation going on.

I ended up going through the poster hall late in the day yesterday and early in the day today, which means I walked by a bunch of interesting posters that weren't there because the authors either hadn't put them up first thing or had already taken them down before the end of the day. Why would you do that? The entire reason that posters hang all day is so that people can look at them whenever they have the time to get over there!

Yesterday I hiked over to the Dropbox offices to have lunch with Rawhide and Wumpf (who has an office nearby). I got to see the infamous chrome panda and have tasty lunch and good conversation, yay! And then at dinner, Schmooz and Quincy and I went to Hog & Rocks. We ended up just having a bunch of appetizer plates for dinner, including a number of raw oysters, which I mostly liked, except for the one variety that was less briny and more, like, organ-meat-y. We also got a ham flight. I hesitated over whether it was too egregiously foodie to bear, but it was really good. Four varieties of ham, all very different and all really yummy. Definitely glad I did it.

And then tonight I had dinner with Xris Onufryk downtown. Just burgers, but tasty. We showed each other lots of cat photos. And then she showed me her powerpoint presentations about shower curtains! Which was genuinely delightful to me. In return I showed her how is prangent formed and we laughed until we cried. YAT!

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