Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

AGU Day 5 & weekend

Friday! The last day of the conference! When everybody is worn out and starts wandering off early! And the day of my poster. In the afternoon slot.

Actually, things were a lot busier than I expected. It was a busy day for both posters and talks, and all but one of the single-sheet printouts got taken before I got there to man my poster. The only major disappointment was that there was this one talk that I was really interested in because it had all of the keywords relating to my research, and it didn't happen because the presenter was a no-show. Boo! I met up with Sequoia for dinner at a Turkish place (A La Turca), which was tasty, and a good long chat & walk before and after.

Saturday morning I slept in (hallelujah!) and then packed up my stuff, checked out, and BARTed myself over to Berkeley. Got ensconced in Colin & Jess's place around lunchtime, and then at 2 I walked to the Victory Point Cafe to meet up with Wes for a bit. As you might guess from the name, it's all about board games, so I introduced him to Sentinels of the Multiverse, and then we played several hands of Lost Cities. Wandered back to his place and chatted for a bit, then Jess came and picked me up and brought me (and dinner -- poke bowls) home. Their cat, Tesla, was pleased to see a new human and snuggled in my lap while I was there that afternoon.

Sunday morning we picked up a few things at the farmer's market, and then went to U-Boat & Christy's for brunch. Hooray! Got to see a bunch of people: Perlick, Jason & Felicia, Ariel, Chuck & Tef, Rawhide again, and a couple of the neighbors, plus a passel of assorted childrens, of course.

Perlick very kindly drove me to the airport on his way back to Palo Alto, and I had an uneventful flight home. Hooray! Except that I almost froze my face off waiting for the traffic to let Jerry through to pick me up at DIA, because the temperature had no digits back here in Colorado! Happily, it warmed back up today, and now the weather is back to merely cold, instead of arctic.

It's very nice to be home with my hubby & my kitties and to sleep in my own bed with my own pillows again. Yay! :D

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