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Costumes, visits, cars

I forgot to mention last time that we went to the art museum with Douglas and saw the Costumes of Star Wars exhibit, which was pretty cool. It made me appreciate the tremendous amount of detail that went into all of it. You don't always notice it on the screen, but I bet you'd notice the difference if it wasn't there. It also made me realize that many of the actors are, in real life, much smaller people than I'd always picture them as based on their screen presence.

My (half-) sister Mollie was in town this weekend with her hubby Jake and their daughter Logan, so last night we went to dinner with them and my ex-stepmother Glenda (her mom), and my ex-stepsister Ginger (Glenda's daughter) and Ginger's (adopted) daughter. (My family tree is complicated.) Anyway, we decided to try out Vital Root, which we'd heard good things about and which our friend Jeff is the chef of, and were very pleased with it. It's set up as fast-casual fine dining (which sounds weird, but works well) and the food is mostly local and all vegetarian. I especially liked the korean-wing-style veggies. Jeff was working that night and came over to say hi to us, too, so that was neat. And the 18-month-old mostly didn't melt down, despite not having had a nap!

We had D&D today and Star Wars last Saturday, and those both pretty much eat the day. On Sunday last weekend we went to a gaming pub for Neal's birthday. We played a game of Tokaido, which was fun, and then I spilled a glass of water all over it as we were putting it away. D'oh! I guess that's why they charge a cover. Then we played a few rounds of Codenames, which is a very clever party game.

Not a lot else to talk about; I'm still spending lots of time at work trying to get my bias correction done by mid-March, which is coming up very quickly. Especially given that I'm hoping to spend most of this coming week in a workshop learning more statistics. I stayed late at work on Friday crunching 5/6 of the dataset through the machinery, but there were errors so I'll have to do it all again tomorrow. I logged in remotely for a couple hours this morning and did some debugging and hopefully I have the problems all sorted out. Fingers crossed!

I guess the other big thing is that the starter motor on the Jetta died while I was at work and I had to have it towed to the dealer (since they're the best option for VW mechanics in Boulder). They got it all fixed, but there were various communications and logistical failures along the way, so it took a lot longer than I expected. I got pretty cranky about it after the first couple days, so we got to drive a loaner car around for a week or so. It was a nice car, but you don't actually insert the key into it to make it go! If you've got the key on your person, you just press the "start" button. Which I'm sure I would get used to, but it felt very weird.

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