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We spent all weekend adulting. For me, it was mostly doing taxes. I haven't actually sent them in yet, but I did all the calculations, which was the hard part. I had consulting income this year, so there were two extra forms, ugh. It also means that I have to send in a fairly big check, but since it's because I made a bunch of extra money, I'm not really gonna complain.

Plus I paid bills and sent in pharma co-pay rebates and submitted an insurance claim for the roof* and did grocery shopping, too. Oh, and wedding planning stuff. Lots of that.

*We had a big hailstorm last spring, and the HOA submitted an insurance claim to the HOA policy to get all the roofs in the neighborhood repaired, but the deductible was... large. A lot bigger than they had been led to expect by their (now previous) insurance agent. So they levied a fairly sizeable special assessment (i.e., billed all the homeowners) to cover it. So now all us homeowners get to submit claims to our insurance policies to defray the cost.

Submitting the claim was less work than I expected. I'm not sure how much of it will be covered, but even if it's zero, it's not that expensive for getting the roof fixed. And you gotta keep the roof of your house working.

This is the thing I hate about entropy. (And the ephemerality of teh interwebs.) I really hate disruptions to the infrastructure of my life. After I've gone to the trouble of setting something up the way I like it, I want it to just keep working that way forever. I regard the universe's lack of cooperation on this front as a significant design failure.

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