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Visitors & Houseguests

We got married! That will be a big long post I don't have the mana for right now, so instead I will recap visiting with other folks around the event itself.

So, many moons ago when we announced our wedding, Spider called us up and asked if she could come out a few days early and help out with wedding preparations in the lead-up to the big day. ("High-level minioning," she called it.) Not being fools, we of course said yes, that would be lovely. She got in on Wednesday, and after she was settled into her hotel, she came over for dinner (Chipotle) and visiting and a lot of being charmed by our kitties. She extracted a to-do list and various items to be wrangled from us and minioned away.

After doing a bunch of wedding stuff on Thursday morning (sorting music into playlists, updating the master plan, deciding grooman (grooms-humans) ordering), I managed to get into work on Thursday for about half a day, much of which was spent printing wedding stuff out. I zipped home around 4-ish, after Troy and Ron arrived at our house. They came to attend our wedding and stayed in our guest room. It might seem like overload (or madness) to have houseguests at the same time as the wedding, but it was actually quite nice to have them here. They're very low-maintenance friends with whom we can do lots of companionable quiet hanging out, and it was good to have extra people around who were not totally focused on WEDDING. Plus we were able to do things like tasking them with picking out dessert (fruit, sorbet, and non-dairy ice cream) suitable for people who can't eat cake, and bringing along things we had left at home. And they cooked breakfast for us on Friday & Saturday.

Friday was wedding prep like mad, dealing with the last things on our lists, frantically writing up and printing things out, and then at 4:30 all three-plus dozen of our groomans, parents, and their extras showed up at NCAR and we had the rehearsal. And pretty much everything was finished! At some point that evening, I realized: that was the hard part. All of our hard work was now finished, we had handed it off to our trusted friends, and now all we had to do was show up, look pretty, and say "I do". (The next day, as we were getting all gussied-up, Jerry and I remarked to one another that it was a little unnerving the scope of the event that we had put into motion and that we had now completely ceded all control of.) We had dinner (44 people!) at Yak & Yeti, which everyone enjoyed and complimented us on. (And which was quite affordable, considering.)

Saturday was the wedding! It went excellently. Heading out for dinner afterwards, Troy & Ron asked if they could take us out someplace nice and we said "not tonight!" because we were totally exhausted. We had Smashburger again since it's an easy gluten- and dairy-free (for them) / low-carb (for me) option that could be ordered with no functioning braincells left.

Sunday morning Jerry and I went to dim sum at Star Kitchen with nearly a full horde of TEPs (Bats Sarah Bird Death Rawhide Quincy Ronco Seppo Bradley Probe Becca Sophie Antee Jean et al.). We took up two tables and stuffed ourselves. Rebar & Christie also dropped by to say hello, hooray! Afterwards we brought the minivan full of wedding stuff home, then took Troy & Ron to the Butterfly Pavilion. The nature trails out behind the building are a good place to see prairie dogs up close, which are something I always forget that visitors will enjoy. Also there was a lot of downtime and recovery and just hanging out, which was lovely and delightful.

Yesterday we finished off their vacation time with a trip to Red Rocks, which reminded me just how pretty a venue it is and that I need to go see a show there again sometime. We ran into Kate there, who was also showing out of town visitors the sights! We dropped by Jason H's place while we were down on that end of town to pick up leftover cake (less than a dozen slices!). That afternoon we went up to Puzzah at the Flatirons Crossing mall and did an alien-abduction themed escape room! It was fun, although I would characterize it as more of a puzzle room than an escape room. It has an automated soundtrack that guides you through a sequence of puzzles and adjusts their difficulty - but also sorta penalizes you, time-wise, by interrupting with clues and instructions. We beat it with about 7 minutes to spare and got through ALL the bonus puzzles, so we felt fairly accomplished. They treated us to dinner at Sushi Yume, finally getting that nice dinner in. All in all, a really wonderful set of visits above and beyond the main event.

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