Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Jewell Tedder McGinnis, Oct. 14, 1914 - Nov. 10, 2017

So my mom did come out on Wednesday of last week, and we met up at Grandma's that afternoon and had a good and long visit with her. We got there shortly after my aunt and uncle had left, and said goodbye shortly after my cousin showed up a couple hours later. The nurse said it was the most animated she'd seen Grandma in a couple weeks.

That was kind of her swan song; after that she spent most of each day sleeping. (My Aunt Barb kept me updated with reports to pass along to my siblings.) She would get agitated at night, though she wasn't in any pain and was able to stay in home hospice care rather than being moved to a hospital. She wasn't able to verbalize much and wasn't really aware enough to take much comfort from visitors.

She rallied a bit on Wednesday, and had a meaningful visit that evening with Bo & Barb, their daughter Tammy, and my uncle Dave. They read some scriptures and sang and she had a peaceful night that night.

Grandma passed away a bit before noon today.

Barb asked us to come join them at Grandma's house for dinner tonight, so Jerry and I went over there late this afternoon. I took lots of pictures of her house, inside and out, to preserve it in my mind. I'm also going to send them to family so people can make requests for any especially beloved items that they would like to have. They sent me home with a pile of photos and some pieces of art that came from my mom or my dad or Mom's grandma. I also took the flower clippers that Grandma always used to trim the stems on the flowers I would bring her, as well as a couple flower vases, since bringing her flowers is an important element of my memories of all our visits together.

I'm sad, of course, but she lived for more than 103 years and was well-loved, which is hard to beat. And she was able to spent the end of her life at home, like she wanted. My grandfather built their home in 1954, and she lived in it for 63 years. I expect that when the sell the property, it will probably be torn down, which is also sad. It's a very old-fashioned style of home, and even if there were a buyer who wanted to live in it as-is, it's pretty likely that it's not up to code in a number of ways. But he built that house for her, and she knew every bit of it, inside and out. It was hers, and if it does get demolished, that will mean that it was only ever hers, and never anyone else's, which is kind of beautiful.

I will miss her very much.

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