Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Nawlins: Sunday

On Sunday we met up with my friend Diana ([personal profile] goddessdster). She came and picked us up from the hotel and we went to Willa Jean (recommended by Bats & Sarah) for brunch. We got a plate of pimento cheese and ham and pickles for an appetizer, and then I had a very tasty "hangover bowl". It was mostly braised short ribs over grits with a poached egg on top, but it had a bunch of little extras -- slices of bullseye beets, crispy garlic, pearl onions, tiny greens, a couple edible flower petals -- that gave character and variety to each bite, and that really brought it to the next level.

After brunch, we hung out and chatted outside for a bit, and then we went back to D's place and met her new kitty, Jane Eyre, who she had just gotten that morning! She was a beautiful and energetic little tabby, who was very inquisitive about the new humans and happy to jump up in our laps. She was pretty petite, but judging by her ears and paws I think she is going to grow up to be a big cat. (I would post pictures, but I failed to take any because I was too busy appreciating her. Luckily Jerry got some.) So we spent most of the afternoon doing that, and it was an absolute pleasure.

We wandered back over to the French Quarter for dinner (a muffaletta for me and a po-boy for him) at a cafe, and then went back once more to Cafe Lafitte to witness the famous napkin toss, which Adam had persuaded us we needed to see. He was right! It's kind of hard to describe; basically, they play this one song and everyone throws napkins in the air, but that doesn't capture the wonderful energy of the room. It's a weird, silly, sweet little tradition that is very particular to this one place, and it was just... really neat.

We hung out fir a while afterwards, but had to pumpkin fairly early because I had conference starting at 8 am on Monday.

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