Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Escape Rooms, Arson, Oniry, Fizzy Kimchi, Clouds, and Suspicious Moles

Fun Stuff:

In celebration of Monkey Birthdays, we did an escape room last weekend and another the weekend before. Yay! Both at Denver Escape Rooms, over in an empty little office park at 116th and Huron. We did the first one (Pipeworks) with Jason, Gene, Bradon, & Jon, and the second (Grim Stacks) with Mel, Kate, Karen, and Jon (subbing for Thomas at home with sick kids). We were successful both times, and had a good time. They were good room; there was a finicky puzzle in the first one, but they used their hinting system when it was clear we had figured out the right thing to do and just couldn't get the thing to work properly. The second one was a bit more nonlinear in structure and had some good multi-stage puzzles in it that were very satisfying to solve.

Peter Frost had a gaming birthday party. There's a physical card game version of Spaceteam, which works quite well. Also, one of his friends is an arson investigator, which prompted the comment: "Wow, that's really cool! So how do I ask you about interesting work stories without sounding like an arsonist?"

We have resumed our game of Pandemic Legacy (me, Karen, Chris, and Andrew), although, orinically*, we've had to reschedule a number of times due to illness of one form or another...

(*I would say "ironically", but the social consensus seems to be that the word should be used only in its original sense of "an unexpected incongruity or contrary coincidence", not the obverse or Morissettesque sense of "an unwelcome but entirely fitting coincidence", which it is commonly extended to include. To maintain the fine distinction of meaning (an impulse I am entirely down with), I coin "oniry" and "orinic" as the obverse terms.)

We played a couple one-shot D&D sessions with the bears. Jason ran a quick off-the-cuff bust-out-of-the-dungeon thing, and we're halfway through a cyberpunk-ish Eberron noir mystery that Jon is running. Once that's done, Jerry and I are going to co-DM a wilderness exploration module, so we're spending a lot of evenings compiling random encounter tables and suchlike.

Bob & Jeff took us to dinner at Dae Gee last Friday to thank us for taking care of their cats while they were out of town. The kimchi that we got on the second round of banchan had fermented to the point of being actually kinda carbonated and fizzy, which I quite liked.

Less Fun Stuff:

The supercomputers (and associated systems) are offline all this week, which is really throwing a wrench in my plans for getting stuff done at work. Grumble.

Got a suspicious mole removed from my shoulder this afternoon. I have five stitches and a great big bandage. But I took the day off and got some much-needed downtime, so it's not so bad.

Had to do taxes early this year for some student loan repayment program stuff. The upside is that now it's done (well, the forms are all filled out, at least) and we are getting a substantial refund!

Lots of meetings at work, plus interviewing student assistant candidates; not as much getting things done as I would like. But I think my energy levels are starting to increase as the days get longer. Have I mentioned how much I hate the daylight savings time change?

I went to an all-day AWS cloud computing training session at the convention center last week. About half of it was useless sales pitching, but there was some useful overview stuff, and the really valuable thing was that I got to talk to some consultants and say "Okay, here's my problem, help me figure out how to do it in the cloud," and they had informative answers. (Plus, the eye candy quotient was pretty high.)

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