Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

15 years, a cold, colcannon, and Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

So it turns out that my place of employment has a celebratory dinner every year for long-term employees who have worked there for 15, 25, or 35 years. And I started at the beginning of 2003, which is 15 years ago, so on Thursday afternoon Monkey got to join me for a fancy dinner reception and I received a big engraved chunk of glass, suitable for use as a blunt instrument in a mystery novel. ("The Case of the Curmudgeonly Climatologist", probably.) I discovered that a number of my colleagues were in the same cohort, which I hadn't realized. I also tallied up the number of honorees in each group and calculated the half-life of a career at NCAR, which turns out to be about 7.54 years.

And then I came down with a cold, so I worked a half-day on Friday and cancelled Star Wars on Saturday when it was clear that I had no energy for it. (I went to the grocery store that afternoon and bought four things and felt totally exhausted afterwards. Yeah.) I did mostly nothing all weekend, and am feeling mostly recovered today. (We did head up to Boulder and pick up a treadmill from one of Jerry's former coworkers; that wore me out.)

Also, I apparently now get aches in my long muscles when the weather changes. WTF? This is Not Okay. I did not order this service and I would like to cancel it and get a refund, please.

Had an excellent St. Pat's Day dinner at Chez Cinq Ours last Sunday. I always wish I could capture these events better, but I am terrible with episodic memory, so mostly it's just "we hung out with a bunch of great people and had a wonderful time being social and ate amazing food." Oh, and we introduced a bunch of them to Bridget & Eamon, since it was an Irish holiday.

Not a lot else. Nick came over Friday before last to visit and catch up; that was nice.

And I got on a weird kick and listened to about a dozen different performances of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 over and over while I was sick. There are some pretty cool visualizations of various classical pieces on YouTube. It took me a little while to figure out which piece I was thinking of, because Google is not yet smart enough to answer "what's the piano piece that goes buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buppa buh?" correctly. (Although amusingly, it will offer to autocomplete "what's that piano piece that goes" with "dun dun dun", and the answer is "Heart and Soul" unless there's a fourth "dunnn" in which case it's "Beethoven's 5th".)

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