Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Anniversary, conference, parties

Last weekend was our anniversary! I mean, we now have a wedding anniversary in August, but we've been celebrating April 1st as our anniversary for long enough that we're not going to stop now. We decided to go do an escape room just the two of us, to see if we could pull it off. We did the pirate-themed Crimson Storm, and got through it in just under 35 minutes! It *was* the easiest room there, but it was still fun and an accomplishment. Afterwards we tried to go the Afghan place on 120th for dinner, but it was closed because it was Sunday, oh no! So we got sushi at Sushi Yume instead.

I dropped by Pyro's new place that morning for brunch and said hello to him & various others. And Douglas was in town and dropped by for the evening on Friday, so that was nice.

All of this last week I was attending the Software Engineers Assembly conference at work. Overall it was good; my only complaint is that it started early so I had to get up early, leave the house early, and deal with rush hour traffic, and that wiped me out pretty much all week long. I gave a well-received talk Tuesday morning. And the tutorial on Thursday showed some very cool capabilities coming down the pike for Jupyter notebooks that I am pretty psyched about.

Yesterday Jerry was off at the martial arts studio all day earning his brown belt (go monkeys!) and taking classes, while I got a haircut, ran to the store, and took two kinds of coleslaw to a potluck at the KumaGoGo's. Afterwards I went over to Tom Ottem's and played a boardgame (Elysium, sorta like MtG meets Greek mythology) with Chris & Joe.

We haven't been up to a whole lot otherwise; lots of being tired from work and weather and recovering from colds, mostly.

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