Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Friday night, kung_fu_monkey, bryree, and I went over to the Joneses and played DDR for a couple hours. I was enthused for the workout, and it was good. We played some Fluxx afterwards, and I was reminded that I enjoy the game (when played casually, which, believe it or not, some people attempt not to do) because you really can't think too much about it. Just play, because odds are that your strategy will have litte impact on who wins.

This afternoon, I went down to Denver to help celebrate ng_nighthawk's birthday. Yay Neal! We went to Le Central, which is a nice French restaurant, for late brunch. Man, was it yummy. Not only did I get to have something whose name I forget with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, there was dessert, too! There were a dozen of us, and I got to see a number of folks I don't see too often. Hung out for a little while at Neal and Rhonda's aftewards.

This evening I went grocery shopping, made dinner (pork chops and sauteed burned vegetables -- oops) and did a couple mini-cheesecakes to see if they're any good made with splenda instead of sugar. And now, suddenly, it's bedtime. Damn. When did that happen?

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