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I got to see CHVRCHES on Monday! Geoff (Pyro) called me up on Friday and very kindly asked if I would like to join him and Adam and Jeff L. for the show, and I allowed as how that sounded delightful, thank you very much. And indeed it was!

I slept in, worked a half day from home, and caught up on chores, then met them down at the Chop House for some dinner. (My stomach was a little off, so I had the French onion soup and a salad, and that was just right.) We did some catching up, then carpooled over to the Ogden.

There was a line, which was a little odd, because doors were supposed to be open, but we waited a bit... and then a bit longer... and a bit longer still... and it turned out that there was a power outage and they couldn't let anyone in! In the end, we stood in line for almost two hours; the doors didn't open until 9. Adam unfortunately had to bail, since he had to get up at 5 and couldn't stay out that late. And we got rained on (briefly). But really, it wasn't that bad, and mostly it was standing outside talking with friends for a long time instead of standing inside talking to friends for slightly less time before and between sets, so I didn't mind.

The opener was Pale Waves, and they were pretty decent. They also got onstage and started playing right away, which everyone appreciated. They had the bass turned way, way up, and I really dug that. (Long sustained bass synth notes at body-vibrating volume = yes please, it turns out.)

CHVRCHES finally came on at 10:30. It was an excellent show. About half the songs were off their new album (which I'd been listening to), a handful from the second album (which I have), and the rest from their first album (which I don't have but clearly need to get). "We Sink", which I hadn't heard before, is like, optimal tweedly-boop music.

Having only seen the band as animated in the video for "Bury It", they looked quite a bit different than I expected. Lauren is tiny. She could pass for about 14 years old. Iain looks like an uncle to the rest of the band. And Martin is a lot more... soft nerd than his animated self. He sang lead on two songs, and he dances like he's only partly in control of his body. It was awkward and adorkable.

They had a good light show, and the live performance added a lot to the music. And the bass! Again, so much bass. It was AWESOME and made me very happy. Even with a long wait and getting rained on, it was an excellent show with good friends, and delightful all ways round.

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