Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Family weekend

My parents came to visit last weekend. They brought us a great big bowl of tomatoes and a bunch of cucumbers from their garden.

You know, when I was young, I thought I hated tomatoes. Eventually I realized that I hate bad tomatoes. You know, the styrofoam-y flavorless out of season ones you get on junky sandwiches. I love good tomatoes, although I generally pick them out of salads and sandwiches because I usually prefer them on their own. I have been eating lots of ripe tomatoes just sliced and salted, and they are wonderful.

Anyway, my step-brother's girlfriend's ex-husband (yes, really) passed away recently, so they came for memorial stuff and so on. On Saturday afternoon I drove up to Central City to join them at one of the little saloons for a sort-of-wake. We lived in Gilpin County when I was in my teens, and I actually hadn't been to Central City since they passed limited-stakes (ha) gambling. (I've been to Blackhawk, which has been utterly subsumed, but not Central City.)

I was driving up Clear Creek Canyon (which I haven't done in ages) and about five miles from town I hit a huge traffic jam that was just creeping along. (We found out later that a rock climber had fallen, and the road was actually completely closed. Yikes!) After five or ten minutes had passed and my phone was still saying that it was 36 minutes to my destination, I pulled a U-turn and headed back downhill, figuring I'd cross over to I-70, go up to Idaho Springs, and trying going up over Ohmigod Road. Once I had signal again, I discovered that actually, the Central City Parkway, which is a 4-lane highway going up over the hills from I-70 directly to Central City, is now a thing that exists. So I took that instead.

I spent all of 45 minutes there; I said hello to Dave & Michelle, saw a couple people I knew from middle school, and then Mom & Larry were heading out, so that was it for me. More of the physical town still exists than I expected (lots of old historical buildings), but the place that it was is pretty much gone.

We had a good visit while they were here; we spent a fair amount of time all sitting around the living room quietly reading together, which was nice. We took them to Wishbone for dinner on Sunday, and they headed home Monday morning.

On Saturday evening my parents were wiped out from a full day of socializing, so Jerry and I were able to go to a party at the Kuma-Go-Go's house. We stayed a lot longer than we expected to, and had lots of great socializing with chosen family and good friends. 'Twas delightful.

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