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Last week was Jerry's birthday, so to celebrate this weekend we used the gift certificates my sister gave us for Christmas: movies and axe-throwing!

Saturday we saw Captain Marvel, which I enjoyed very much. I maintain that a big part of Marvel Studios' secret sauce is that they're very good at casting, and there were a number of very well-cast roles in this movie. Also a lot of good nostalgic '90s music. And, y'know, good story, good pacing, all that stuff.

And then on Sunday we went axe throwing! We went to Bad Axe Throwing over on 73rd and Washington. We had originally planned to go after the movie, but they didn't have any walk-in availability on Saturday, so we decided to get going early on Sunday morning. We go there around 10:45 (after the Daylight Saving shift, even!), and that turned out to be fairly clever, because it was empty when we got there and we got an entire lane to ourselves, and then not long after a couple large groups showed up.

The setup is that they've got lanes with a pair of targets at the end painted on a wall covered with a bunch of raw wood planks. (I think they were cedar, maybe?) Fenced in on both sides with chain-link. There's a box with six axes in it -- two each of three different kinds (different size and balance) painted red, yellow, and blue. They had a "coach" who gave us basic tips (throw overhand, bring your arm down in a straight line from 12 to 6, and if it's under- or over-rotating adjust your distance), and then it was mostly just... try it.

We were both not terrible but not great. We managed to get the axes to stick into the wall about, oh, one time in three, maybe? Hit the bullseye a few times, but aim was not great. I determined that I am ambid-AXE-trous and can throw equally well (poorly) with either hand. (Or two-handed.) Also that it didn't matter which flavor axe I was throwing. Managed to not strain anything, though a day later I have some muscles protesting because they don't normally have to do that much work.

Overall, it was definitely fun and an enjoyable use of an hour. I'd do it again.

(Amazingly, they sell beer and wine, though they cut you off at three. My theory is that the waiver they have you sign is so extensive and their liability insurance is probably so high already that adding alcohol doesn't make anything worse.)

Other stuff: got a haircut and did grocery shopping Friday; fed kitties for Bob & Jeff; ran Star Wars Sunday, and the ludicrously complex plan for taking over the Star Destroyer went off the rails delightfully quickly.

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