Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Pallets and Palates

Jerry and I went to Costco on Sunday, not really to get anything, but just so I could have a sense of what to maybe put on the shopping list. (He has a card, for work; I do not.)

Main impressions: first, a vague sense of unease, I think because the place is just So Much. Second, that it must be great for large families; for two adults, not so much. And third, that I definitely need to do some research about what to buy and what not to buy there; I think you could easily fool yourself into a lot of false savings.

We did end up buying a great big bottle of rinse aid for the dishwasher (so massively on sale it was less than have the price of generic at the grocery store), a triple pack of Q-tips (which we were nearly out of -- wet ears after showering are the worst), and a 20-pack of sugar-free Vitamin Water (also massively on sale).

The Vitamin Water is partly orange (the best flavor), partly lemonade (also good), and partly too-many-berries-and-acai-flavored, which I hadn't really had before. I tried one and was disappointed; it's much too sweet with not a lot else going on.

"Gee, I really wish this had some tartness to it," I lamented. And then I thought: you know, that's actually really easy to fix. Just because it was designed to taste that way doesn't mean I have to consume it as manufactured.

So I added a glug of cider vinegar and a pinch of salt. And whaddaya know, now it's much more palatable. Tasty, even.

(There's probably a precept or an aphorism lurking around here. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to dig up and polish.)

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