Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Oh my god! We're going to Japan! For our honeymoon!

Our plane departs tomorrow morning at 6 am, and we arrive in Osaka at 6:30 pm on Thursday. (There's a long layover at LAX.) A 6 am flight means we have to check in at 4, which means we have to leave the house at 3, which means get up at, like, 2:30. Yuck.

But on the other hand, it'll make it that much easier to sleep on the plane, and our circadian rhythms will be disrupted from the get-go, so hopefully it'll make it that much easier to get past the jet lag.

Last week and the week before I was workin' workin' workin' to get everything with a deadline done before I left, and happily I did, so I had the weekend to rest and was able to take yesterday and today off to prepare for the trip. (Much of which has been setting up the brand new laptop I got that, unlike the old laptop, doesn't have loose connections inside that cause it to shut off if you jostle it. Or look at it sideways.)

(Aside: Windows 10. Wow. It's definitely got some feature improvements, but I find it just baffling that the UI designers are so gung-ho on flat design that they decided to eschew skeuomorphism to the point of not even including basic usability affordances like putting borders on things so you can tell where one window ends and other begins or that a given chunk of text is actually a button you can click on. Needless to say, there was a lot of setup to get things to a point of acceptability.)

There was a flurry of buying other things, too, and signing up for a new credit card for backup (since Citibank went and canceled the card I'd had for a couple decades but never used because it was the backup), and I had time this afternoon to go get a massage because I have a jacked-up trapezius muscle (not totally fixed, but a lot better), and now... yeah, I think all that's left is actually packing everything into the suitcases. Woot!

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