Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Kyoto to Hiroshima

Sunday was our last full day in Kyoto, so after (a lot of) repacking, we said farewell to our delightful ryokan and readied to relocate to Hiroshima.

We had no particular timetable to adhere to, so we left our luggage there and hopped on a bus across town to go see Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion, before we left. There were a LOT of other sightseers there, but we still were able to have a good viewing. The pavilion itself is pretty darn beautiful and impressive, plus there were a bunch of purple iris in bloom, which felt like a special gift.

(Lots of this stuff would be better conveyed by images than words, and I've been very bad at remembering to take pictures of anything, plus the battery on my phone is dying, but happily Jerry has been taking lots of pictures and video for the both of us.)

On the way back, I accidentally got us off the bus several blocks too early, but we did get to walk by Higashihonganji temple because of it. I was still whiny because my feet were tired, but then we got lunch and everything was no longer terrible. (Third strike for that one place, though.)

We collected our luggage and took the express train from Kyoto back to Shin-Osaka Station. We weathered some confusion on both ends trying to catch the shinkansen because there are multiple train companies that run shinkansen and because the JR rail pass is only good for some of them (not the super-limited-express). Plus all the shinkansen were suspended for a couple hours because they needed to inspect some overhead wires. So we just cooled our heels in the train station for an hour or so until they were done and the delayed crowds had cleared out, and then we were able to get on the correct train with very minimal fuss.

In Hiroshima, we are staying at the Grand Prince Hotel, which is very swanky. We just barely missed the free shuttle bus from the train station, so instead of waiting or taking the regular city bus, we got a taxi, because this is the part of the trip where we get to be fancy. (A bellhop carried our bags to our room for us! And there's no tipping in Japan; it's just part of the hotel service!)

We got dinner at an okonomiyaki joint in the mini-mall attached to the hotel, one of the few options available, so I suppose it's good that the place in Kyoto never panned out.

Before bed, I decided I was sore and took a hot bath! It was mostly good; the bathtubs in Japanese hotels are typically quite deep, enough to easily submerge yourself, but too narrow for gaijin shoulders to really fit properly. But it was still nice.

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